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Credit Card NEWS

New Cash Back Credit Card for Online Creators

[July 10th, 2020]

It is often the case that when developing and making money on, for example, a YouTube channel, creators forget to take care of their credit history and FICO score which are very important for getting approved for credit products. Therefore, a creator may have great revenue and scores of employees but be not in good […]

Visa to Modify Interchange Fees

[March 5th, 2020]

Recently, it became known that Visa‘s intended to make significant changes to card interchange fees, also called swipe fees, which are to become the biggest modification in this field for the last 10 years. Interchange fees are paid by merchants to the card issuer for processing credit card and debit card transactions when customers prefer […]

New Huge Bank Holding Truist Showcases Corporate Identity

[January 24th, 2020]

The sixth largest U.S. commercial bank, Truist, has announced its new appearance, showing an extraordinary corporate color and logo. Let it be recalled that Truist is a new huge bank holding company that emerged as a result of the merger of BB&T Corporation and SunTrust Banks, Inc. The company’s mission: «Provide distinctive, secure and successful […]

ABOC 5X Bonus Calendar 2020 Unveiled

[December 26th, 2019]

Since the new year is just around the corner, the time came for Amalgamated Bank of Chicago to renew their Mastercard credit cards’ 5x points categories for 2020. The cards concerned are the Amalgamated Bank of Chicago Platinum Rewards Mastercard® Credit Card and the Amalgamated Bank of Chicago Union Strong Mastercard® Credit Card.

Credit One Bank Partners with American Express to Launch a New Cash Back Credit Card

[October 16th, 2019]

Last week Credit One Bank, a U.S.-based bank specializing in credit cards, announced a new cash back credit card as a result of their partnership with American Express, one of the largest financial services corporations in the world and the fourth largest card network. The card got an uncomplicated name – the Credit One Bank […]

Major Financial Organizations Invest in a Debit Card for Kids

[September 23rd, 2019]

Last week such major banks as JPMorgan Chase and Wells Fargo together with some other financial corporations were announced to support Greenlight Financial Technology with $54 million funding. Greenlight Financial Technology came in sight from a startup project making a debit card for kids, the Greenlight card, that now exists for 5 years. The Mastercard prepaid card is issued by Community Federal Savings Bank and is marketed as “the safest way to give kids money, approve their spending, and prepare them to become financially smart adults”.

Chase Bank to Become the Most Generous Bank Forgiving their Canadian Customers’ Debts

[August 19th, 2019]

Several days ago, Chase Bank, a national U.S. bank headquartered in Manhattan, New York City, informed their Canadian credit card holders about the full cancellation of their credit card debts. And it is definitely not a joke!

Rent Payments to Help Raise Your Credit Score

[July 7th, 2019]

Did you know that rental payments can boost your credit score? In case you make them on time, they really can. Many latest studies prove this statement and show that sometimes it is possible to earn up to 40 points or even more. What Rental Payment Studies Show A TransUnion study conducted in 2014 showed […]

5 Hints for Reaching Worthier Credit Card APRs and Fees

[June 19th, 2019]

Each of us aims to save as much as possible. But sometimes credit card fees and APRs may be so terribly enormous that all your payments disappear covering them, and you can’t even start paying the very debt. Our specialists prepared 5 tips to help you get lower credit card APRs and fees.

Why It’s Important to Pay Your Secured Credit Card?

[May 24th, 2019]

A secured credit card is very alike with general or unsecured credit cards. The main difference is in the secured cards’ requirement to pay a refundable security deposit of about $200-$300 beforehand. This sum serves to protect the issuer if you turn out to be a defaulter. Typically, payments are reported to one to three major credit bureaus. Furthermore, in case you pay your balance on time, in some period the creditor can offer to switch to an unsecured credit card.