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How can I get a secured credit card on SSI and without credit history?

[April 4th, 2014]

Consider applying for the USAA Secured Platinum American Express® Card. This is a secured credit card with an American Express label on it. The minimum security deposit will be $250 and will get you an equal credit line. The annual fee is $35. The credit card activity will be reported to the major credit bureaus […]

I just got notice that my bankruptcy went through. I want to start over in reestablishing credit. What can you recommend?

[September 12th, 2013]

A good option after bankruptcy is a secured credit card. Secured cards require a collateral deposit with is usually about $200. If you put down a minimum security deposit you will be extended a minimum credit line of $200. If you want a higher credit line, you will have to pay more. Secured card have […]

I’m in need of a student card if possible. Any assistance would be appreciated.

[June 28th, 2013]

Look at the student credit cards we offer. You can be approved for the card even if you have never had one. But note that to apply for the credit card you should be at least 18 years old and have your own income.

I need a major credit card for a trip to Florida. I know I’m in bankruptcy and unable to apply for a major credit card. I have money to put on the card, but it can’t be debit or prepaid. Can you all help me?

[June 15th, 2013]

Look at the secured credit cards. These are not debit or prepaid cards, they more like general credit cards except one thing – they require a security deposit. The deposit is about $200 and sometimes its amount depends on your creditworthiness. Secured cards can be used everywhere they are accepted, like general credit cards. Also […]

I’m trying to get my credit straightened out. I am an authorized user on two credit cards and I’m in the process of getting it removed. Can I get a $200.00 Visa credit card to help me get started again?

[May 14th, 2013]

Take a look at the secured credit cards. These cards will be good for you because they are for those who are rebuilding credit history. For example, there is the Capital Bank Open Sky Secured Visa® Credit Card. This is a Visa credit card with an annual fee but low APRs. You will also have […]

I have never owned a credit card and want to get one. I am having a lot of trouble trying to get approved for one that is not pre-paid. What can I do?

[May 8th, 2013]

Consider secured credit cards, they are for those who have some troubles with getting a credit card. The cards may offer more favorable terms but always require a collateral deposit the amount of which depends on credit card issuer and usually is about $200. Use a secured card responsibly and you will be able to […]

I was discharge from bankruptcy about a year ago and want to apply for a credit card. What can I do?

[May 3rd, 2013]

First of all check your credit report. Check it for inaccuracies and if there are any, contact the credit bureaus to correct them. Now you can look for credit cards. After bankruptcy it is better if you apply for a secured credit card. Banks are more willing to lend if they have a kind of […]

I owe less than 500 dollar but I barley use the card and my credit score is 601. I need your help to build my credit because I want to get a house.

[April 24th, 2013]

If you have a credit card you barely use, you can try to improve your credit score using this card more frequently and making payments on time. Also it would be good if you pay off your debt. With your credit history you can consider a secured credit card. These cards are good for those […]

My husband and I filed bankruptcy and it has been discharged. I am looking to find a credit card to rebuild our credit, could you point me in the right direction?

[March 28th, 2013]

You should consider a secured credit card. The secured cards are good after bankruptcy. They require collateral of about $200 and your credit limit will be equal to this collateral. You credit activity will be reported to the credit bureaus and if you manage your credit wisely you will be able to improve your credit […]

I received a letter from Merrick Bank Visa for a credit card that I’m pre approved for $700 credit. How do I apply for this card?

[March 7th, 2013]

You can accept their offer over the internet on Merrick Bank website. For this you will need your acceptance certificate number. Please remember that preapproved doesn’t mean you will get the credit if accept the offer. The bank can still deny your application. Compare your offer with other secured credit cards you can find at […]