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No / Limited Credit Cards FAQs

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I have bad credit and I am starting college to better my life. But I cannot seem to get a lender to give me a chance to rebuild my credit. Do you have any suggestions on what I can do to get some help?

[July 23rd, 2014]

To qualify for a credit card you should be at least 18 years old, some issuers approve starting from 21 years old though.  Also, you should have a stable income and the credit card issuer may check your employment. You can use our credit score estimator to see your approximate credit score and the credit […]

My brother wants me to start him up some type of credit history because his is insufficient at this time. He wants to open a tattoo business. I have his written consent to do so. What are my options?

[May 16th, 2014]

There are credit cards for people with no credit history he can apply. But before he applies, it is good to check credit reports. See if all information is correct in them. If he finds any inaccurate information, he should dispute it with credit bureaus. Another option for him to build credit history is to […]

I wanted to know why I keep getting denied for an every credit card I apply for? I have no credit history this would be my 1st credit card. I just wanted to get one or two to build my credit. Can you please help me?

[November 29th, 2013]

There are different reasons the issuers deny. Most likely you apply for the cards which don’t fit your credit history. If you apply too often (two or more times a month), that can also become a reason to deny. If you open a bank account, you will increase your chances to get a credit card, […]

I need to start a small business and I need to get a card for my supply. Can you help me with this?

[November 5th, 2013]

Without credit history you can consider applying for a secured credit card. For example, you can start building your credit history with the USAA Secured Platinum American Express® Card. The card has low APR of 9.9% and low annual fee of $35. You will need to put down a security deposit, the minimum amount of […]

Where can I get a credit card with a direct deposit, prepaid Visa, Social Security number, no credit, and no Id?

[September 26th, 2013]

If you want to apply for a credit card having no credit history, look at the USAA Secured Platinum American Express® Card. This is a secured American Express credit card with a 2-year certificate of deposit (CD). The card has low interest rates and fees. To get this card you will need to put down […]

Am I able to get a credit card?

[June 4th, 2013]

Anyone who is at least 18 years old and has an income is able to get a credit card. Check your credit score so you could apply for the card that fits you best. You can estimate your approximate credit score using our score estimator. The tool will also show you the cards you may […]

We want to buy Christmas for our children, but I don’t know how. We’ve never had a credit card and declared a bankruptcy once, which is no longer. All we need is a chance to buy Christmas for our children and a chance to show that our credit isn’t as bad as it looks.

[December 31st, 2012]

You can apply for a credit card even if you had never had a credit card before. But it would be better if you clear your credit report first. Inaccurate report may become a reason for credit card denial. You write that you declared a bankruptcy once due to medical bills. Taking this into account […]

How do I get a credit card if I have no credit? I really need a credit card and wish to be able to make it through the holidays. I have a job to be able to pay back for a credit card. Could you please help me?

[December 18th, 2012]

To get a credit card you must be over age 18, have your own income and sometimes a banking account. If you have never had a credit card and have no credit history, you can consider one of the limited\no credit cards.Read attentively credit card terms. See whether the card has an annual fee, and […]

I have no credit but I would like to apply and receive a credit card.

[March 8th, 2012]

If you are a first-timer, you are welcome to look through the no or limited credit credit cards we have. These credit cards are issued by the leading U.S. banks and credit card companies and are specifically designed for people new to credit. You can apply online for the credit card of your choice and […]

I’m looking for the first time credit card(s) that do not require a security deposit and a credit line of around 500 dollars starting off. Is that possible and if so can you show me where/how to obtain that card? I am trying to build my credit for the future while making purchases I can easily pay back in full at the end of the month. If a high credit limit is not possible for someone who is a first time credit card shopper with limited/low credit scored, then please help me find a list of cards I can obtain without a security deposit. That is my biggest concern, not to have to deposit money to activate the card vs a high credit limit. Please help!

[January 19th, 2012]

You can take a peek at the so called no or limited credit cards designed specifically for people new to credit or with a limited credit history. Once you’ve chosen a credit card for your particular situation, you can apply for it online. As for your credit limit, your possible credit card issuer will decide […]