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How to find a no-limit credit card?

[August 19th, 2014]

You won’t find a credit card with no limit but you can find a card with no pre-set spending limit. For example, the Citi® Hilton HHonors™ Visa Signature® Card does not have a pre-set spending limit but it does not mean unlimited spending. It means that each charge that causes your new balance to exceed […]

Where can I get a guaranteed approval credit card with no startup fees and $500 credit limit?

[January 23rd, 2013]

If your credit history is limited, you won’t find a credit card with such combination. You can only try to find a card with fewer fees. Take a look at instant approval credit cards. Compare the cards’ fees and choose the most appropriate one. For example, consider Credit One® Bank Visa® Platinum credit card. With […]

What amount goes in the “credit limit” box? The original credit limit, or if the credit limit was decreased, the new decreased credit limit? My credit was decreased $2100 to $525 and as a result I went over credit limit. . I disputed this incorrect information and the report came back, Information has been verified and is correct. Do I have any options?

[January 16th, 2013]

It is always indicated your current credit limit in the “credit limit” box. If the issuers change credit limit, they also report about this action to the credit bureaus.You can try to dispute this with your credit issuer and credit bureaus again, but it most probably won’t bring any positive results. Talk to your credit […]

What card with no annual fee is best for me? And I don’t think I have any credit and if I do it is not good. I don’t want to have a deposit and would like to be approved over the internet.

[April 19th, 2012]

First to be sure about your current credits you should check your credit report. For this you can contact one of the major credit reporting agencies – Equifax, Experian and TransUnion (note that this service is free just once a year and if you request more than one time you should pay). Now, as you […]

how do i get a visa credit Card without paying a fee

[September 20th, 2011]

Please look over Visa credit cards from the U.S. credit card issuers we have on offer. Study their terms and conditions carefully paying close attention to the fees and decide on a card to fit your needs best.

need a credit card with no balance transfer fee

[June 4th, 2011]

Please visit our balance transfer credit cards page to browse the credit cards we have on offer and look through their features. Read their terms and conditions carefully and find out if there are credit cards to meet your needs. Hope youТll find the right credit card youТve been looking for.

credit card inactivity fee what is it

[February 17th, 2011]

If you do not use your credit card for a long time (and it is up to your credit card company to decide if it is long enough), as a penalty you are charged a credit card inactivity fee, also known as a dormant credit card fee. To prevent your credit card company from charging […]

grace period … what is it as to a credit card?

[December 31st, 2010]

A grace period as to credit cards is a period of time you have to pay your credit card balance in full avoiding paying finance charges, so the longer a grace period the better for you. It usually starts on the billing date and ends in a definite number of days after. Depending on a […]

What credit card fees can be considered vague?

[November 18th, 2010]

The situation is now tightening for credit card providers. The regulations of the CARD Act have actually limited the sources of profit for credit card providers. To cope with the situation and to avoid being eliminated from the industry, banks and credit card issuers are faced with the challenge of creating new ways on how […]

What should you know about credit card fees?

[November 11th, 2010]

There are several factors now that are minimizing the possible areas of profitability for credit card companies. One is the fact that more and more people are being less qualified with the banks and other credit card providers` standards. The number of unemployed consumers is still overwhelming thus it is not surprising to know that […]