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I want to get a credit card. I have Fingerhut and First Premier Bank MasterCard. What can I get to upgrade?

[June 18th, 2014]

If you want to upgrade your current credit cards, you should contact the credit card issuers and ask for credit line increase or for lower APR. You can also apply for a general credit card. You can find a card with rewards program or a card without an annual fee.

I’m considering applying for the Horizon Gold Card. I have bad credit. Is it required that I make a $500 dollar deposit being that it is an unsecured credit card?

[January 24th, 2013]

The Horizon Gold Card is an unsecured credit card and unsecured credit cards do not require any deposit. $500 will be your initial credit limit. However you will have to pay a set up fee and some maintenance fees after that. Note, that this is not a Visa, MasterCard or American Express card. This is […]

In order to get a credit card is it always based on credit history/credit scores?

[January 18th, 2013]

Yes, it is. There are some other factors like your income, employment, but credit report is the first thing credit issuers look at. From your credit report credit issuer will learn how you manage your credit, see your mistakes and how significant they were, and evaluate your creditworthiness.

I would like to know if I can get help obtaining a Visa credit card without a bank account. I’ve already won $1000 Visa card.

[November 27th, 2012]

It should be noted that Visa is not a credit card issuer and do not issue credit cards. Visa only serves transactions so you could pay using your plastic card. You won’t receive a credit line from Visa. You don’t need a bank account to get a credit card, except secured credit cards, they require […]

I received the pre-selected offer for a Merrick Bank Visa Card, why can’t I find it listed? I can’t even find the place to put the Acceptance certificate number?

[August 15th, 2012]

We do not work with this bank, I’m afraid. That’s why you can’t find its offers. However we have similar products and they may occur competitively better. At you can find credit cards for all credit histories and secured credit cards too. Compare the offers from the site with that from the letter and […]

I like to have Citi Bank or Bank of America credit card Visa.

[August 2nd, 2012]

We have lots of interesting Citi products but, unfortunately don’t have any Bank of America offer. Also all Citi credit cards are for consumers with good-to-excellent credit history. So, we’d recommend you to check your credit history before you start choosing a card.As you want a Visa card take a look at Visa credit cards. […]

Why want they let me get a credit card

[March 15th, 2012]

If you mean they DON’T WANT to let you get a credit card, the credit card issuer has to inform you in writing indicating the reasons for your denial. Also, they have to indicate your credit score they used to make their decision. If you haven’t received such a letter of notification, please contact the […]

Can I get approved for a 5000 dollar card?

[March 9th, 2012]

First, find out with one of the major consumer credit bureaus – Equifax, Experian or TransUnion – what your credit score is and then visit our website to overview credit cards tailored to your credit. Bear in mind that the higher your credit score, the higher your possible credit limit and the lower your APR. […]

Are you that I can get a credit card from, I am disabled?

[February 27th, 2012]

It is your credit card issuer and no one else who will decide on your approval or disapproval. All you can do is shop around for a credit card designed for your credit and apply online. The credit issuer will process your application and make their decision. Several factors are usually taken into account including […]

I’ve received a pre-selected acceptance certificate from acceptance number XXXX, and would like to accept. Am I at the right site?

[February 21st, 2012]

You are not at, actually. You are at, the site where we display the freshest credit card offers from the top U.S. banks and credit card companies so that you can apply for them online. At our website you can find worthy alternatives to Merrick Bank credit cards and compare them with your […]