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Horizon credit cards allow you to build your credit history while shopping online at the Horizon Outlet – an online merchandise shopping service. The Horizon Card Services offers a credit account to those with poor credit history and even to those who had bankruptcy in the past. There are no credit or employment checks to obtain the Horizon card.

Horizon Card Services

Horizon Gold Credit Card
  • Must have Active Debit Card or Credit Card to qualify.
  • $500 Credit Limit.
  • No Credit Check.

Horizon Card Services

Freedom Gold Card
  • $500 Limit.
  • Guaranteed Approval.70
  • No Credit Check.

Horizon Card Services

Net First Platinum
  • No Credit Check.
  • Fast Online Application.
  • Always 0.0% APR.

Since Horizon Card services do not check your credit and don’t even set income requirements, you will need to prove your ability to pay. For that the issuer will ask you to provide a debit or a credit card number. If you have a bank account, that will also be good to apply.

Once you are approved you will become a member of the Horizon Outlet shop. You can use the extended credit line instantly after receiving you account access information. You do not need to wait for the card arrival as it usually happens with other issuers.

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Unfortunately you do not right us your current credit score so we could recommend you best matching offer. We can recommend you apply for Capital One® Card Finder Tool. With this offer you do not need to apply for multiple credit cards, which can affect your credit [...]

The Horizon Card Services is an online shopping service. It is not a bank or credit organization, but they offer credit plans to their members to make purchases of select items through the service -

The company offers credit cards to consumers with ruined credit history. They do not require income, they do not check credit, but the credit extended can exclusively be used at their online catalog. The Horizon Gold credit card does not bear a Visa or a MasterCard label on it but is reported to one credit bureau as an unsecured credit card.

Horizon credit card is your Horizon Card Services membership which gives you access to additional member benefits. Your member plan may give you access to privacy protection, roadside protection, and courtesy programs. You can even get a free legal assistance.

Credit cards by Bank

Credit cards by Bank

At this section of you can find an appropriate credit card by bank or issuer by choosing a suitable credit card application. Obviously your choice will depend on several factors. First of all, before you start comparing credit card applications, you should know your credit score and apply only for offers you qualify for. Secondly, you should decide, for what purposes you need a card. And, thirdly, you should choose a bank with the most beneficial offer for you.

If your credit history is good to excellent, you can compare American Express Credit Cards, Citi® credit cards or view Discover Credit Cards and fill out a secure application on our site. Just make sure you are eligible for these offers!

We also feature MasterCard and Visa credit cards with offers for all credit history types.

Compare also a wide selection of credit cards from Capital One with offers for various credit levels. Compare Capital One, N.A. offers, they can be customized to fit your credit profile. MetaBank offers innovative prepaid debit cards with new advanced features. And if you are still overlooked by banks, take a look at Credit One Bank and Horizon Card Services products.

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