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My credit history is good. Can I get a low interest rate credit card without an annual fee?

[March 14th, 2014]

With good credit history you can apply for a credit card with 0% interest introductory period. For example, Discover it card has intro period on purchases and balance transfers – you won’t pay any interest for 14 months. When the intro period ends, your ongoing APR will depend on your creditworthiness and will fall in […]

I’m looking for a credit card without annual fees and with low APR. What would you recommend?

[December 23rd, 2013]

Look at the Capital One® Platinum Prestige Credit Card. There is no annual fee for the card. The interest rate on purchases and balance transfers will be 0% until March 2015. The issuer will report your credit activity to the major credit bureaus monthly, so you will be able to continue building your credit history.

I am looking for a credit card with 0% APR and low interest rate. Please advise.

[February 25th, 2013]

Look at the Capital One® Platinum Prestige credit card. This card has introductory 0% APRs on purchases and balance transfers until May 2014. After that you APR will depend on your creditworthiness and will be between 10.90% and 18.90%. You can compare this card with other credit cards with low APR. But to qualify for […]

Need to find the best credit card with good APR, and cash advance privileges.

[February 21st, 2013]

Mind your credit score before you start choosing a credit card. Low APRs are available only for those who have good-to-excellent credit history. If your credit history fits this criteria, look at credit cards with low APRs, they also have cash advance privileges. However I wouldn’t recommend you to use credit cards as a cash […]

How do I go about getting the lowest interest rate possible and not have to pay a high price to activate the card?

[August 23rd, 2012]

The lowest interest rates are possible for those who have excellent or good credit history. The same situation we can see with a zero intro APR offer. Zero periods may last up to 18 month but you should be ready for quite high APRs after that period expires. Another unwilling fee for you is an […]

Hello. I have a credit score of 725, but I have not had this credit for long it is not even a year. I would like to get a credit card for about a 3,000 limit. I will need to use this card for odds and ends for about 8 to 9 months until my apprenticeship is over and I am earning money again. I would prefer a card with 0 APR intro. Are there options for me?

[May 24th, 2012]

First of all as you haven’t had a credit for a long time we’d recommend you to check your credit score. As we can see your credit history was good and if it remains at the same level you can view the cards with 0% intro APR that may be interesting to you. As you […]

I receive SSI once monthly. I really could use a credit card with a low APR. For use only when needed for emergencies.

[April 26th, 2012]

As any other person you have right to own and use credit cards to buy what you need. If you make payments on the credit card, any proceeds from the credit do not affect SSI. But some credit card purchases and payments constitute an in-kind income which can reduce SSI benefits (according to the Social […]

Hi, I am considering applying. I have a 790 credit score, I would like to make a $15,000 purchase with the card. Will I have a credit limit that high and will I be able to make the purchase as soon as I am approved?

[April 23rd, 2012]

Taking into consideration that you have high credit score you can apply for the best credit card you find. There’s a vast range of possible options for you, for example, you can choose a card with low APR. It’s real enough that you can get a card with high credit limit. But note that only […]


[March 14th, 2012]

On our website you can find the freshest credit cards for all credit histories issued by the top U.S. banks and credit card companies. We provide detailed information on all the credit cards we display and make it easy for you to compare them all in one place. You are welcome to browse through the […]

I need a card with a 3,000 limit, low interest and flex payments; and I have good credit.

[February 22nd, 2012]

At our website all the credit cards are well organized so that you can easily look through the credit cards for your situation credit gathered in one place and compare them side by side. We have very attractive credit cards for good credit you can choose from. Here you can find credit cards with 0% […]

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