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I have around 660 credit score in all three credit bureaus. I’m looking to get one or two credit cards even with min balance on it to build my score. Can you recommend me credit cards with min fees?

[April 1st, 2014]

Consider applying for a credit card for people with fair credit history. You can apply for any card, but to apply for some cards you will need a bank account. If you want to apply for two cards, make sure they are not issued by the same issuer, otherwise you will be denied.

I’m trying to get a credit card to pay off my medical bills. What credit card can I apply if my credit is fair?

[March 12th, 2014]

Look at the Barclaycard® Rewards MasterCard® – Average Credit card. This is a no annual fee credit card with point rewards program. You will be able to earn point rewards on all your purchases. This is a MasterCard credit card and can be used everywhere MasterCard is accepted. You also be able to improve your […]

What score does constitute fair credit?

[December 12th, 2013]

Credit score range for fair credit history comes from 640 up to 699. If your credit score falls in this range your credit is fair. With lower score your credit is bad, and with higher score your credit is good or better.

I would like to find a Visa card to add to my mix of credit cards. Can you suggest one?

[September 20th, 2013]

If your credit is fair, consider one of the credit cards for people with fair credit.  There are Visa and MasterCard cards. If you like the card and it is not Visa labeled, contact the bank to ask if they can issue the same card with Visa label on it. Since you have several credit […]

I want to find a good reward credit card to help me fix my credit. What can you recommend?

[September 13th, 2013]

Look at the Barclaycard® Rewards MasterCard® – Average Credit card. This card has point rewards program where you will be able to earn 2 points per dollar spent on gas and 1 point on all other purchases. Plus there is a sing up bonus. In addition to rewards program, there is a 0% introductory period […]

I wish to consolidate my credit cards on one. How can I do it if my credit is fair?

[July 20th, 2013]

Look at the Barclaycard® Rewards MasterCard® – Average Credit card. The card has a 6-month 0% interest introductory period on purchases and balance transfers, so you will be able to transfer a part or the whole balance onto this card, depending on credit limit extended. The card also has a rewards program and does not […]

My score is about 625, what credit card can I apply for?

[July 14th, 2013]

According to FICO score credit range your credit score of 625 is equal to fair credit history. So you can apply for any credit card for people with fair credit. You can find a no annual fee credit card, a card with rewards program or a card with low APR. Note that if the card […]

I have applied for several different cards and have been declined. I do not want a prepaid card I have a checking account with debit card. I need an unsecured credit card.

[June 22nd, 2013]

Before you start looking for a new card, check your credit score to see how the last rejections affected it. If your credit score wasn’t affected significantly and is still fair, you can consider applying for one of the credit cards for people with fair credit. But if your credit score dropped down, you should […]

Where to go for a business credit card with poor-to-fair credit?

[January 15th, 2013]

Take a look at Applied Bank® Visa® Business Card, this card is for those who have bad credit. As it is a card for bad credit, it has high APRs and charges a setup fee. There’s no rewards program but it will help you concentrate on credit management and credit improvement. The card does not […]

My score is 658; I pay my bills on time all the time. I am looking for a credit card with a 2000 dollar limit. Please help

[December 21st, 2012]

Consider credit cards for fair credit. Some of these cards have 0% intro APRs and offer cash back bonus program. If you apply for one of these cards, your average credit limit will be $2000-$4500. Also, most of these cards send reports to major credit bureaus, so you will be able to increase your credit […]