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What kind of card can I get if I have good credit?

[August 6th, 2014]

If your current credit history is good you can choose a credit card with rewards or a card with 0% interest introductory period. There are a lot of credit cards to choose from, so make sure you compare the offers before you apply. If you do not know your current credit score, you can use […]

I would like to get a gas credit card, but I have a low score due to medical issues. What are my options?

[July 4th, 2013]

Check your credit history to insure it is fair. If it is fair you can try applying for the Barclaycard® Rewards MasterCard® – Average Credit. This card has rewards program and you will be able to earn bonus points on all your purchases, including gas purchases. The card is not bound to a particular gas […]

Which credit card can I get with good credit history?

[June 20th, 2013]

With good credit history you can consider applying for a credit card with low interest rates. Beside the fact that they have low APRs, they also have rewards programs. Using one of these cards you will be able to earn cash back (or points) on all purchases you make. Some of the credit cards don’t […]

Would like 2 cards for employees to use for gas purchases.

[February 21st, 2012]

You are welcome to look through the business credit cards with cash back on gas purchases. These credit cards can provide you with additional cards for your employees. Please note that the business credit card will be opened under your business name but a decision on your approval or disapproval will be taken based on […]

I currently have a Costco American Express card that I use for cash back on gas. With me spending over $8,000 per year on gasoline for my small business is there a better card out there that will provide a decent cash back? Not just 1-2% and revolving around different areas such as gas one week and groceries the next? The Costco card started out with a 5% two years ago, then went to 4% this past year and put a $6,000 limit of the 4% then going to 1% for purchases over that figure.

[January 20th, 2012]

You are welcome to look through the business credit cards since you spend on gasoline for your small business. Among these credit cards you can see the cards that offer generous cash back on gasoline. Business credit cards come to be very helpful if you want to keep your personal and business expenses separate. When […]

I wish to apply for a new Marathon Credit Card, my old card has expired

[December 17th, 2011]

If you want to renew your expired Marathon credit card, please contact your credit card issuer directly and ask them to send you a new card by mail. We in turn can offer you an opportunity to apply online for the freshest gasoline credit card deals from the leading U.S. lending institutions. These gas rewards […]

I lost my Shell gas card and need to stop my current account and get a new card.

[November 15th, 2011]

If you’ve lost your credit card, inform your card issuer immediately to avoid any unauthorized transactions. Call their toll free number for customers found on your credit card statement. Have your stolen account number closed right away. Ask for a new account number and a new card to be mailed to you. It can take […]

What is the best gas credit card?

[November 14th, 2011]

Consider the gasoline credit cards we have on offer. These credit cards are issued by the most reputable U.S. banks and credit card companies for people with good and excellent credit histories.

I only want to receive my gas discount, not apply for a credit card. How do I do this?

[September 26th, 2011]

Gas points earned with your gas rebates credit card can be redeemed right at the pump. If you are talking about cash back rebates, you can get these in the form of a check, a gift card or have them credited to your account. For more detailed information, please contact your credit card issuer.

need a gas credit card

[April 29th, 2011] has great gas station credit cards on offer. Browse through the credit cards providing their holders with rewards at pumps, compare their features and benefits and apply online. Hope you will find something you’ve been looking for.