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Bad Credit Cards FAQs

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I am full-time employee. I am at poor credit rank <600. My monthly credit card payments are more than $2,000. My debt is around $25,000 or less I seek balance transfer credit card so that I can have improved credit rank. I am open for personal loan. I am not interested to apply for a credit card (online purchases).

[December 11th, 2015]

Since your credit is bad, you won’t be able to get a credit card with 0% intro APR on balance transfers. Also, the credit card issuers may not approve you for a credit card even with the minimum line of credit. You can try getting a personal loan though. Some lenders allow co-applicants, which will […]

Why can’t I get an unsecured credit card from a company that says it’s for bad credit?

[May 9th, 2015]

There are different things credit card issuers look at when you apply for a credit card. So, even if you apply for a credit card for people with bad credit, the issuer will still check if you have a bankruptcy and if you have late payments on your loans. You can contact the issuer to […]

I need personal loans to pay in full all my credit cards.

[July 29th, 2014]

Look at the personal loans we offer. Most lenders will approve you for a loan of up to $1,000. But the amount of loan will depend on your creditworthiness. You will need a bank account which accepts deposits, so make sure you have one.

I need a credit card for use any where I go overseas.

[July 11th, 2014]

You should consider applying for a credit card with chip technology. This type of plastics is commonly accepted in Europe plus gives you additional protection. For example, USAA can issue you a chip and pin credit card on your request. You can consider applying for the USAA Secured Platinum MasterCard®. This is a secured credit […]

We have completed a chapter 13 Bankruptcy and want to start building our credit back up and was told that if I got a credit card that would be one way to do that, but I just have medical bills that have gone back on my credit but am working to get them back off. Is there a credit card I could get to help me rebuild if so what would you recommend?

[July 10th, 2014]

You should consider applying for a secured credit card. For example, you can apply for the OpenSky® Secured Visa® Credit Card. The minimum security deposit for this card is $200. It will give you the equal line of credit which can be increased up to $5,000. The issuer won’t check your credit score, so your […]

I currently have 3 credit cards and I haven’t been able to keep them down or even get them down at all. I really don’t want my credit to be completely ruined and I fear that I am very close to having that happen. Do I have any options? Please let me know if there is anything I can do.

[April 15th, 2014]

If you are able to make minimum monthly payments on your credit cards, continue doing them. That will help you keep your credit history in good standing. If you have some problems with monthly payments, you should close one or two of your credit cards. Contact the credit card issuers to settle this issue up. […]

I need to build back my credit. My score is 562. I have a few delinquents on it but there are all taken care of now. I also have a discharged bankruptcy. I need a credit card with a $250-$500 limit only. Please help me.

[March 27th, 2014]

Consider applying for the Credit One Bank® Credit Card with Gas Rewards. This is an unsecured Visa credit card with rewards program. You will be able to earn 1% back on gas purchases. The issuer will determine your credit limit based on your creditworthiness but the minimum credit limit on this card is $300. The […]

Should I take out a loan to consolidate?

[February 13th, 2014]

You can take a debt consolidation loan. However, be ready that you may not be given the amount you need. Try to make minimum payments every month without skipping or missing. That will allow you to improve your credit history, as all your credit activity is reported to at least one credit bureau. A better […]

Can I apply for a card with bad credit?

[December 14th, 2013]

You can choose a card amid credit offers for people with bad credit history. The issuers of such cards usually require the applicant to have a bank account, and you may be charged a processing fee once approved. If you can’t find suitable offer, you may want to apply for a secured credit card. Secured […]

I am a full time student with bad credit and no one will even give me a credit card yet my score is 590. Can you help or send me to the correct place? Thank you.

[November 28th, 2013]

You can consider applying for a student credit card or for a general credit card like the Credit One Bank® Credit Card with Gas Rewards. The card can be a good option for people with bad credit. It has a rewards program where you will be able to earn 1% back on gas purchases. The […]