Plains Commerce Bank Credit Cards: Alternative Cards for Bad or No Credit
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0% Intro APR on Purchases for up to 12 months.

Monthly Reporting to major Consumer Reporting Agencies.

Horizon Gold Credit Card
Horizon Card Services
Horizon Gold Credit Card

$500 Credit Limit.

Reports to a Major Credit Bureau.

Bank Name
Card Name
Credit History Apply / Details
  • Affordable Monthly Payments.69
  • No Annual Fee.68
  • $25 OFF $100 - Promo Code #APR25. ENDS on May 6, 2014.
Poor / Bad
  • 1% back on all gas purchases.
  • No limit to the gas rewards you can earn.
  • Rewards post to your account automatically each month.
Any Credit (No Credit Check)
  • No Credit Check.
  • No Turn Downs.
  • Credit Limit of Up To $3,500.78

Prepaid Debit Cards for Any Credit History:

Bank Name
Card Name
Activation FeeGuaranteed ApprovalCredit CheckBuild Credit Apply / Details
see siteNoNoNo
  • Free direct deposit - get your paycheck and government benefits up to 2 days faster.
  • Instantly transfer money from your PayPal Account to your PayPal Prepaid MasterCard!
  • Get account alerts on your mobile device or download our App to check your balance and see recent transactions.
  • Open an optional savings account currently offering a 5.00% APY for balances up to $5,000 (new).
  • Earn Cash back rewards from specially selected stores, restaurants and more.
  • No credit check, overdraft fees or interest charges.
  • Safer than carrying cash - use it to pay for everyday purchases.
  • Use Direct Deposit - get your paycheck or government benefits check up to 2 days faster.
  • No overdraft fees & a simple fee plan. No cost to order or activate a card.
  • Qualify for a $10 Purchase Cushion and $5/month fee plan after a Direct Deposit of $500 in one calendar month.
  • Earn Cash Back Rewards & Refer A Friend bonuses.
  • Free Bill Pay and online budget management tools.
  • Transfer money to other cardholders online or with your mobile phone.
  • Free Smartphone App - check your transactions, balance and find the closest reload location.
  • Refill a Prepaid Phone using your Control card - Get $1 back each time you add $25 or more.
68 The Fingerhut Credit Account is offered to US residents by WebBank, a Utah-chartered industrial bank, located in Salt Lake City, UT. Member FDIC, who determines eligibility and qualifications for the terms of credit.
69 If you apply and are accepted for a Fingerhut Credit Account issued by WebBank, who determines eligibility and qualifications for the terms of credit.
78 In Accordance with Terms and Conditions.
Plains Commerce Bank Credit Cards and New Choices for Limited Credit

Plains Commerce Bank is a bank which history goes back as early as 1931. Plains Commerce determines its mission as "to provide customers with quality service and traditional banking products by linking the values of the past with the ideas and technology of the future". Since 1987 Plains Commerce Bank has been issuing secured and unsecured VISAŽ and MasterCardŽ credit cards. Two of unsecured credit cards issued by Plains Commerce Bank were popular among customers with bad or no credit - Total Visa Card and Access Visa Card. They provided instant online decision, easy approval and monthly reporting to all 3 major credit bureaus, which gave holders of Total Visa Card and Access Visa Card an opportunity to build credit or rebuild damaged history, even though they had a low spending limit, considerable monthly fees and high interest rates. Total Visa Card and Access Visa Card from Plains Commerce Bank are no longer being issued to new cardholders. Yet even you have bad credit or no credit, today you have a wide variety of options that can help you improve or build your credit

Building Credit or Improving Damaged Credit Score

If you are looking for ways to improve your credit or build credit history, you are already aware of the importance of doing it.

Indeed, your credit report is the information lenders use to form their opinion of you. Whether you get approved or not and on what terms (your APR, interest rates on purchases, balance transfers and cash advances, annual fees, spending limit, etc.) will depend on your credit score. The higher your credit score is, the lower the interest rates will be and better the overall terms. Your credit history is also reviewed when you buy insurance; your rate and premiums will also be influenced by your score. Sometimes credit report is pulled out when you apply for a job or want to get housing.

If you work to build credit history or improve damaged credit you win respect with lenders and qualify for more advantageous terms on your credit cards and mortgages. Establishing new credit or improving your credit score starts with choosing the right credit card. Make sure it regularly reports to credit bureaus, pay to all creditors on time, keep credit utilization ratio low and it won't take long for you to enjoy results of responsible behavior.

Credit and Prepaid Cards for Bad Credit and No Credit

Even if you have bad credit or no credit history you can qualify for regular credit cards, secured or prepaid cards. If you are not sure which is best for you, first you need to understand what your needs are.

Prepaid debit cards are comprehensive payment tools, secure and convenient. No exorbitant interest rates, no overdraft and late payment fees, 100% guaranteed approval for all (even with no credit or bad scores). Set up a free direct deposit of your paycheck or government benefits, or just load cash on it and shop online, arrange hotels, airfare or car rental for your next trip, conveniently pay bills and save on fees. There is no risk of accumulating debt. And you can even build credit and make short-term loans with some of the best prepaid debit cards.

Credit cards for people with bad or no credit monthly report to major credit bureaus which helps to build or improve credit faster. But you need to make sure you pay on time to all your creditors and do not exceed your credit limit. If you do not pay balance in full every month, there'll be interest charges and they are usually pretty high for customers with bad or no credit history. Credit limit is also often very low and you need to be careful - around 30% of your credit score is determined by how much of extended credit you use. Compare our best applications for no or bad credit, choose what is best for your individual needs and habits and apply online.

Immediate Credit Card
Care Service

If you have a question about any product or product feature, or if you need free advice from a credit expert, use our Immediate Credit Card Care Service. Ask a question, or look through previously answered questions. Either way, we are happy to help you learn about the important facts concerning credit cards.

The latest questions of Immediate Credit Card Care Service

I wanted to know why I keep getting denied for an every credit card I apply for? I have no credit history this would be my 1st credit card. I just wanted to get one or two to build my credit. Can you please help me?

There are different reasons the issuers deny. Most likely you apply for the cards which don’t fit your credit history. If you apply too often (two or more times a month), that can also become a reason to deny. If you open a bank account, you will increase your chances to get a credit card, because some issuers require an active bank account or checking account. Let at least one month to pass...

I currently have 3 credit cards and I haven't been able to keep them down or even get them down at all. I really don't want my credit to be completely ruined and I fear that I am very close to having that happen. Do I have any options? Please let me know if there is anything I can do.

If you are able to make minimum monthly payments on your credit cards, continue doing them. That will help you keep your credit history in good standing. If you have some problems with monthly payments, you should close one or two of your credit cards. Contact the credit card issuers to settle this issue up. Some issuers may even lower your interest rates if you explain your situation. The best wa...

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